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Hello, I'm Ankita 

I have been a resident of Mumbai, India for most of my life having moved several times within and outside the city to places like Ahmedabad, Guwahati, and Thiruvananthapuram. My family hails from the eastern state of Odisha whose culture I hope to explore in the coming years.  My history in moving across cities and within them, has inculcated a deep interest in culture and people.

I graduated from the School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai with a Bachelors degree in Architecture. I am passionate about design, arts and writing. I am passionate about engaging with climate change, gender studies, and advocating for grief awareness. In 2020 I started a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring Asian cultures with my sister and am a dedicated Korean Culture enthusiast!

Professionally, I interned with SJK Architects in 2018-19 followed by a year long Thesis project about home-making processes independent women take up in the city of Mumbai. After graduating in the pandemic batch of 2020 I explored Academics by joining as a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Architecture, M.Arch Studio at the prestigious CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

I am currently focusing on my career as an Architect with the Busride Design Studio in Mumbai. Other than that you will find me experimenting with my hair color every other month and taking up new creative projects!

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the etch Story

My name when translated to other languages is synonymous to the act of “etching” which is a long, slow and evolving process of making a mark on something. Coincidently it has a close connection to writing or drawing, mediums that are core to my creative practice.

Through Etch, I want to engage in a body of work that leaves a mark on the world and has purpose, no matter what size or magnitude. When we create and design, we hold the power to challenge existing systems, to move people, to share knowledge and to build connections. For me design is an ecosystem of people impacting each other's story intentionally. If you resonate with this, I would love to collaborate with you and make mini revolutions, whether its through architecture, art, illustration, product design, research or writing!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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