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Rotting and Blooming.jpg


Music Covers

By the Sea

By the Sea Single Cover- Ramya Pothuri

We never left

We Never Left EP Cover - Ramya Pothuri

Rotting and Blooming

Rotting and Blooming Cover (personal)

Hey There Delilah

Hey There Delilah Cover (personal)

Big Jet Plane

Big Jet Plane Acoustic Cover (Personal)

First Snowfall

First Snowfall (Personal)


Winterbear (Personal)

Business Identity

Business Identity - Physiotherapist
Business Identity Elements- Physiotherapist

Do You Like Flowers? (personal)

The project was inspired from everyday conversations and instances of encountering nature. Flowers become a way we remember places, routines and make memories. Each illustration tries to bring focus onto passing by nature in our daily lives and pausing to acknowledge it. 

Do You Like Flowers

Do You Like Flowers Cover Image


Get Yourself Some Peonies


Walk into Some Bougainvillea


Get Them Some Carnations


Grow Out Some Dahlia


Get a Whiff of Some Jasmine


Stare At Some Orchids


Nurture Some Lilies

Book covers

Urban Studies

The Tenth Night : Crime Fiction Urban Studies Novel (Cover, Editor)

Thesis 1

Unscripting the Home: Women Making Space in the City (Cover, Author, Editor)

Thesis 2

Rescripting the Home: Cities Making Space for Women (Cover, Author, Designer Editor)

Urban studies 2

Like a Regular Day : Crime Fiction Urban Studies Novel (Editor, Author)


Sukoon - Collection of Urdu Poetry (Personal)

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