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Explorations in Clay

This project began as a result of a huge creative block. I had ideas, but was getting less confident in making them turn into reality. I began various self-initiated skill development projects to retrain my hands and my mind and to find the excitement in creation again. 

Clay is a malleable and natural material. To shape it with ideas and thoughts in your mind is a long, tiring and labor intensive process. Hours of work will result in something minute, however the process itself is extremely meditative!

My designs mostly focus on capturing the natural environment around us, foliage from Aarey Forest and Juhu streets in Mumbai, shells from the Konkan coastline, techniques resembling natural rock and marble formations, outer space and galaxies, textures resembling oxides, or funky everyday things like the basic kurta pajama and our beloved auto-rickshaw. 

I also take commissions as opportunities to design in new ways. You can give me an idea, a theme or just something you like and I would love to make something out of it which can become a small part of your everyday life in the form of an useful object!


If you would like to discuss an order or a collaboration you can reach me through just an Instagram DM! Or head over to the contact tab in the menu above!

Year / 

2020 - Present

Client / 


MadTrip Films




4-10 days from ideation to finishing

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